Sunday, January 19, 2014


Imagine coming face to face with this creature. New research is being done that takes an entirely different look at Neanderthals, and turns everything we have been told about them upside down. While I do not think that the Sasquatch is what are left of the Neanderthal species, there are many similarities to them that are put forward in this theory. Nearly all of the reported relic hominids around the world inhabit the northern latitudes of the planet, and are cold climate adapted. The video link here is well worth watching and considering when thinking about the manlike creatures being seen at the edge of civilization.
If this theory is true, then it goes a long way to explain much about the relic hominids around the world and about us.

Here is some of the information being presented about this theory:

Put aside everything you thought you knew about being human - about how we got here and what it all means. After five years of rigorous scientific research, Danny Vendramini has developed a theory of human origins that is stunning in its simplicity, yet breathtaking in its scope and importance.

Them and Us: how Neanderthal predation created modern humans begins with a radical reassessment of Neanderthal behavioural ecology. He cites new archaeological and genetic evidence to show they weren't docile omnivores, but savage, cannibalistic carnivores - top flight predators of the stone age.

Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory reveals that Neanderthals were 'apex' predators - who resided at the top of the food chain, and everything else - including humans - was their prey.

NP theory is one of those groundbreaking ideas that revolutionizes scientific thinking. It represents a quantum leap in our understanding of human origins.

neanderthal predation theory

NP theory reveals that Eurasian Neanderthals hunted, killed and cannibalised early humans for 50,000 years in an area of the Middle East known as the Mediterranean Levant.

Because the two species were sexually compatible, Eurasian Neanderthals also abducted and raped human females.

Them and Us cites new evidence from archaeology and genetics to demonstrate that this prolonged period of cannibalistic and sexual predation began about 100,000 years ago and that by 50,000 years ago, the human population in the Levant was reduced to as few as 50 individuals.

The death toll from Neanderthal predation generated the selection pressure that transformed the tiny survivor population of early humans into modern humans.

This Levantine group became the founding population of all humans living today.
NP theory argues that modern human physiology, sexuality, aggression, propensity for inter-group violence and human nature all emerged as a direct consequence of systematic long-term dietary and sexual predation by Eurasian Neanderthals.

Vendramini's discovery of the traumatic secret history of our ancestors resolves the last great mysteries of our species - how, why, when and where we became huma beings.


This is how Neanderthals are typically depicted, but the new theory applies less anthropomorphic values placed on them by us and focuses on just available factual information.

New Neanderthal depiction (profile)
Neanderthal skull left and human right.

Is this why we both are fascinated by and fear monsters still today?