Friday, April 27, 2012

Pacific Coast Sasquatch Investigation Team

I have seen numerous groups that have been created to look for evidence of the Sasquatch. I wanted to post something about the group I originally created in 1975. After meeting John Green and Rene Dahinden that summer, and being part of their investigation into the "Puyallup Screamer" incidents they asked me to assist them in my area. My friends and I had been searching the forests near our homes since the winter of 1972 after finding dozens of footprints made by three Sasquatch's.
I thought we should organize to better search for evidence, I wanted to help Dahinden and Green as much as possible. I called our first group the "Pierce County Sasquatch Investigation Team". The name was simple, it denoted where we were generally looking, it said what we were looking for, and what we were. After graduating high school, the ten of us who were involved in the original group went on to our adult persuits, and we dissolved the group. In the mid 1980's after I moved to Vancouver Washington, many friends expressed interest in becoming involved in my work after I was involved in a project by Knott's Berry Fram regarding the Sasquatch. One friend worked out of the Washington State governors office as an advocate for handicapped children, and had extensive knowledge about creating organizations. We created a mission statement that our goal was to collect credible evidence to prove the existence of the Sasquatch.
We established a board of directors, and constitution to govern the activities of the organization. We filed and became registered as a non-profit corporation dedicated to proving the existence of the Sasquatch, and to this day remain the only group to ever be stated and registered as such.

The photograph above was taken in 1990 in Vancouver Washington, and is of some of the senior staff of the PCSIT. The PCSIT varied over the years of its existence of the numbers of members, but averaged 100 at any given time. By 1998 I moved back to the Puget Sound region of Washington, and other members had similarly moved away, and we dissolved the organization. The PCSIT constitution states clearly in article 2, section 1 that it was organized exclusively for the scientific purposes within the meaning of publication 557 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1987 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.
The only group I am aware of that was created prior to the PCSIT was the Bay Area Group based out of San Francisco in the early 1970's. The PCSIT existed from 1975 with a break to 1998, and was the first organization created to gather evidence to scientifically support the existence of the Sasquatch.