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 When will wonders ever cease? Robert Lincoln, Esq., Agent of the New York Western Lumber Company, has just returned from the Saint Peters river, near the head of steamship navigation, on the upper Mississippi, bringing with him a living American Orang Outang, or  wild man of the woods, with two small cubs, supposed to be about three months old.

Mr. Lincoln informs us that he went out to the north-west as Agent of the New York Lumber Company, in July last, with a view to establish extensive saw-mills, on the pine lands near the Falls of Saint Anthony; which lead to the capture of the extraordinary creatures mentioned above. 

Those who are acquainted with the leading features of the Valley of the Mississippi, are aware that there is little or no pine timber throughout the States of Illinois and Missouri, or in the extensive territories of Wisconsin or Iowa. The inhabitants of that region are obligated to use oak and walnut for common building purposes, and the labor of working such material is very great. The greatest portion of the pine timber that finds its way  into the upper part of the valley, is floated down the Ohio, and from thence carried up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers by steamboats. The most ordinary kind of pine timber is worth $60 per thousand, in any part of Illinois or the territories; in New England the same quality sells for about half that sum. There are some very extensive and immediately valuable pine lands near the Falls of Saint Anthony, on the upper Mississippi; but until recently they have been in the possession of the Sac and Fox Indians. In the summer of 1838, a treaty was ratified with these Indians, by which they ceded the whole of their pine lands to the United States. The ceremonies of this treaty were performed at Fort Snelling, about the first of July last. Capt. Marryatt, the famous English novelist, was then on the Upper Mississippi, and was present to witness the war dances on this occasion, which, it is said, were conducted with unusual splendor. He also spent several days among the Indians, and by the assistance of the American officers at Fort Snelling, obtained a large collection of ornaments and curiosities.

Some shrewd men at Albany and New York who knew that the treaty referred to, was about to be ratified, and who were aware, also, of the value  of the timber, formed a company, with substantial, and engaged a large number of enterprising mechanics and laborers to go out and establish saw-mills for cutting timber on the Saint Peters. They rightly supposed that the land would not "come into market," as the phrase is, for several years as it is worth little except for the timber. Those who wish to obtain land for cultivation, go into the more fertile parts of the territories. Companies may therefore "claim" land, establish mills, and cut off the timber where ever they can find it, without fee or license. The timber may then be floated down the Mississippi in rafts, for a mere trifle, and sold at the highest prices any where on the river.

The New York Company sent out their expedition in July last. The workmen and laborers with the principle part of the machinery went by way of New Orleans, and at that city they chartered a steamboat and proceeded up the Mississippi. The whole business was under the direction of Mr. Lincoln. They had on board all the necessary tools and saws, together with the apparatus for a grist mill, oxen, horses, cows, a good stock of provisions, arms, ammunition, Etc, Etc. They passed directly up the river, only stopping to take in wood and water, until they reached Prairie Du Chien , at the mouth of the Wisconsin. Here they put their animals on shore, and remained two days. On the third day they re-embarked and finally reached the Saint Peters in safety.

Their enterprise proved highly successful. They found the timber of the first quality, and the facilities for building mills much greater than they anticipated. The work went on very prosperously, and in a few months Mr. Lincoln had the satisfaction of launching his rafts on the headwaters of the Mississippi. They continued to prosecute their labors vigorously, until winter set in, when a part of the workmen started for Saint Louis, and a part of them remained to superintend the cutting of timber.

During the winter, Mr. Lincoln and several of the workmen made frequent excursions in pursuit of game, which was very abundant, and their camp was one  continued scene of festivity. The Indians brought in large quantities of furs, which Mr. Lincoln purchased for a mere trifle, and lined his cabins with them throughout, which rendered his rude huts very warm and comfortable. The whole party were as hearty as bucks, and appeared to enjoy themselves exceedingly.

About the 15th of January, two of the carpenters who had been out in pursuit of a gang of wolves that had proven very troublesome, came into the camp and reported that they had seen a huge monster in the forest, on a branch of the Mississippi, having the form of a man, but much taller and stouter, covered with long hair, and of a frightful aspect. They  stated that when first seen, he was standing on a large log, looking directly at them and the moment they raised their muskets, he darted into the thicket and disappeared. They saw him again in about half an hour, apparently watching them, and when they turned towards him again he again disappeared. Mr. Lincoln was at first disposed to think lightly of this matter, believing that the men might have been mistaken about the size and height of the object, or supposing it might have been a trick of the Indians to frighten them. He was informed, however, by some of the natives, that such a being had often been seen on the Saint Peters, and near the Falls of the Mississippi, and they proposed to guide a party of the workmen to a bluff where it was thought he might be found. The men were all ready for an adventure, and arming themselves with rifles and hunting knives, they started for the bluff under the direction of Mr. Lincoln and the Indian guides. On the way they were joined by several of the natives, and the whole party numbered twenty-three.

They arrived at the bluff late on the afternoon of the 21st of January, and encamped in a cave or grotto, at the foot of the hill. Early the next morning, two of the Indians were sent out to reconnoiter, and in about an hour returned, and said they had seen the wild man, on the other side of the hill. The whole party immediately prepared for the pursuit. Mr. Lincoln gave positive orders to the men not to fire upon him unless it should be necessary in self-defense, as he wished, if possible, to take him alive. The Indians stated that although a very powerful creature, he was believed to be perfectly harmless, as he always fled at the approach of men. While Mr. Lincoln was giving his men their instructions, the wild man appeared in sight. He ordered them to remain perfectly quiet, and taking out his pocket glass surveyed him minutely. He appeared to be about eight or nine feet high, very athletic, and more like a beast standing erect than a man. After satisfying himself with regard to the character of the creature, Mr. Lincoln ordered his men to advance. The Indians had provided themselves with ropes, prepared to catch wild horses, with which they hoped to ensnare and bind the creature, without maiming him.

The instant the company moved towards the wild man, he sprung forward with a loud and frightful yell, which made the forest ring, the Indians followed close upon him, and Mr. Lincoln and his men brought up the rear. The pursuit was continued for nearly an hour- now gaining upon the object of their chase, and now almost losing sight of him. The trees, however, were quite open, and free from underbrush, which enabled them to make their way very rapidly. Whenever they came very near him, he stared forward again with a yell, and appeared to increase his speed. He finally darted into a thicket, and although they followed close and made much search, they were unable to find him. 

They then began to retrace their steps towards the place of encampment, and when within about a mile of the cavern, the wild man crossed their path, within twenty rods of the main body of the party. They immediately gave chase again, and accidentally drove the creature from the forest into an open field or prairie. The monster appeared to be much frightened at his situation, and leaped forward, howling hideously. At length he suddenly stopped and turned upon his pursuers. Mr. Lincoln was then in the advance. Fearing that he might attack them, or return to the woods and escape, he fired upon him and lodged a charge of buck shot in the calf of his leg. He fell immediately, and the Indians sprang forward and threw their ropes over his head, arms and legs, and with much effort  succeeded in binding him fast. He struggled, however, most desperately, gnashed his teeth, and howeled in a frightful manner. They then formed a sort of litter of branches and limbs of trees, and placing him upon it, carried him to the encampment. A  watch was then placed over him, and every effort made that could be devised to keep him quiet, but he continued to howl most piteously all night.  Towards morning two cubs, about three feet high, and very similar to the large monster, came into the camp, and were taken without resistance. As soon as the monster saw them he became very furious-gnashed his teeth, and thrashed about, until he burst several of the cords, and came very near effecting his escape. But he was bound anew, and after that was kept most carefully watched and guarded. The next day he was placed on the litter and carried down to the mills on the Saint Peters.

For two or three days, Mr. Lincoln says, he refused to eat or drink, or take any kind of food, but continued to howl at intervals for an hour at a time. At length, however, he began to eat, but from that time his howls ceased, and he has remained stupid and sullen ever since. The cubs took food very readily, and became quite active and playful. Mr. Lincoln   is a native of Boston, and some of the workmen engaged at his mills are from this city. He arrived here Saturday afternoon in the brig St. Charles, Stewart, master, from New Orleans with the wild man and the cubs, and they were all removed from the vessel that evening. By invitation of Mr. Lincoln, who is an old acquaintance, we went down to his rooms to examine this monster. He is a horrid looking creature, and reminds us strongly of the fabled satyrs, as we have pictured them to our own mind. He is about eight feet three inches high, when standing erect, and his frame is of  giant proportions in every part. His legs are not straight, but like those of the dog and other four-footed animals, and his whole body is covered with a hide very much like that of a cow. His arms are very long, and ill proportioned. It does not appear from his manner that that he has ever walked upon "all fours." The fingers and toes are mere bunches, armed with stout claws. His head is covered with thick, coarse black hair, like the mane of a horse. The appearance of his countenance, if such it may be called, is very disgusting-nay, almost horrible. It is covered with a thinner and lighter coat of hair than the rest of the body, there is no appearance of eye brows or nose, the mouth is very large and wide, and similar to that of a baboon. His eyes are quite dull and heavy, and there is no indication of cunning or activity about them. Mr. Lincoln says he is beyond dispute carnivorous, as he universally rejects bread and vegetables, and eats flesh with great avidity. He thinks he is of the  Orang Outan species but from what little we have seen, we are inclined to consider him a wild animal, somewhat resembling man. He is, to say the least, one of the most extraordinary creatures that has ever been brought before the public, from any part of the earth, or the waters under the earth, and we believe will prove a difficult puzzle to the scientific. He lies down like a brute, and does not appear to possess more instinct than common domestic animals. He is now quite tame and quiet, and is only confined by a stout chain attached to his legs. 

This is the first creature of the kind, we believe, ever found on this continent. It was to be expected, however, that in penetrating the remote recesses of the new world, monsters would be found, and great natural curiosities brought to light; and it has been a matter of surprise to many that so little of the marvelous has ever been discovered. But we cannot tell what the wilds of the far northwest, the shores of Lake Superior, the regions of the Rocky mountains, and the vast territory of Oregon, may yet bring forth.

It is Mr. Lincoln's intention to submit these animals to the inspection of the scientific for a few days, in order to ascertain what they are, and after that to dispose of them to some persons for exhibition. Mr. Lincoln himself will return to the Saint Peters in the course of two or three weeks.

P.S. Mr. Lincoln informs us that he will exhibit the wild man and his cubs, gratuitously, this forenoon, in the rear of No. 9 Elm street. We presume our citizens will not be slow to take advantage of this offer.


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Story by J.W. Burns, teacher on the Chehalis Reservation, 1936.

A well known old Amerindian medicine man named Frank Dan told a colorful story. Ivan Sanderson reproduces this story on page 70 of his book "The Abominable Snowman" by the kind permission of Government Agent, teacher to the Chehalis, Mr. J. W. Burns. This occurred in July 1936 along Morris Creek, a small tributary of the Harrison River. J.W. Burns writes of Frank's story:

"It was a lovely day; the clear waters of the creek shimmered in the bright sunshine and reflected the wild surroundings of cliff, trees, and vagrant cloud. A languid breeze wafted across the rocky gullies. Frank's canoe was gliding like a happy vision along the mountain stream. The Indian was busy hooking one fish after another; hungry fish that had been liberated only a few days before from some hatchery. But the Indian was happy as he pulled them in and sang his medicine song.

Then, without warning, a rock was hurled from the shelving slope above, falling with a fearful splash within a few feet of his canoe, almost swamping the frail craft. Startled out of his skin, Frank glanced upward, and to his amazement beheld a weird looking creature, covered with hair, leaping from rock to rock down the wild declivity with the agility of a mountain goat. Frank recognized the hairy creature instantly. It was a Sasquatch. He knew it was one of the giants-he had met them on several occasions in past years, once on his own doorstep. But those were a timid sort and not unruly like the gent he was now facing.

Frank called upon his medicine powers, sula, and similar spirits to protect him. There was an immediate response to his appeal. The air throbbed and some huge boulders slid down the rocky mountainside, making a noise like the crack of doom. This was to frighten away the Sasquatch. But the giant was not to be frightened by falling rocks. Instead he hurled down the declivity carrying a great stone, probably weighing a ton or more, under his great hairy arm, which Frank guessed-just a rough guess-was at least 2 yards in length. Reaching a point of vantage-a jutting ledge that hung far out over the water-he hurled it with all his might, this time missing the canoe by a narrow margin, filling it with water and drenching the poor frightened occupant with a cloud of spray.

Some idea of the size of the boulder may be gained from the fact that its huge bulk blocked the channel. Later Jack Penny dredged it out on the authority of the department of hinterland navigation. It may now be seen on the 10th floor of the Vancouver Public Museum in the department of "Curious Rocks." When your in Vancouver drop in to the museum and the curator will gladly show it to you.

The giant now posed upon the other ledge in an attitude of wild majesty as if he were the monarch of these foreboding haunts, shaking a colossal fist at the "great medicine man" who sat saw-struck and shuddering in the canoe, which he was trying to bail out with a shoe. The Indian saw the Sasquatch was in a towering rage, a passion that caused the great man to exude a repugnant odor; that was carried down to the canoe by a wisp of wind. The smell made Frank dizzy and his eyes began to smart and pop. Frank never smelt anything in his whole career like it. It was more repelling than the stench of moccasin oil gone rotten. Indeed, it was so nasty that the fish quitted the pools and nooks and headed in schools for the Harrison River. The Indian, believing the giant was about to dive into the water and attack him, cast off his fishing lines and paddled away as fast as he was able.

Sanderson included this story not so much for anything it might add to the general picture of Sasquatch's in the area - there is ample evidence of that in any case - but to exemplify the type of tale told by the Amerindian that cause the white man to doubt his veracity.

Frank Dan was an old and respected medicine man living by the precepts and beliefs of his ancestors. Thus, his interpretation of events had to be in accord with his position in the community.

It is a straightforward account; namely, that while fishing, a sasquatch appeared, hurled some rocks at the old man, and stank like hell. The induced landslide and the weight of the second rock hurled, or perhaps merely dislodged into the river, as well as the giants implied curse, are pure embellishments. Even the mass exodus of the trout might well be perfectly true and due to a cascade of boulders rather than to a stink in the air that they could of course not smell in the water.

Besides, Frank Dan's "medicine" came off second best and he had manifestly fled. He couldn't explain this fact away, so he just did the best he could so not to show up in too poor a light. In fact, Mr. Burns records that Frank Dan gave up being a medicine man from then on, saying that his powers had been finally defeated. That would seem to be the act of an honest man. 

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On this particular day (July 1989) I had intended to meet my parents for a simple day hike. I arrived about 10:00 with my son Rolf and his friend David. It was a typical summer day in the mountains, light fog in the canyons and heavy shadows in the tree line; warm and enjoyable perfect weather for a brisk hike. This would occur later when my father, mother an niece arrived about 11:30.  We took a light lunch break and three of us continued up the hill while the two boys and my mother remained at the cars.
In about ten minutes we had made the first hillside above the road. It brought us about 80 feet up to a large plateau that was somewhat open but not heavily traveled  as I had only found this location a short time before. Long enough to have ribboned the trail and investigated the tunnels for dangers. I had also explored the remains of an old mining cabin, collected samples and posted the site in error.  My job was to remove the inaccuracies and bring the claim into compliance. This required me to part company at this plateau and venture off the trail about 200 feet. I had told my father and niece to wait at the site and I would return shortly. Ten minutes later I returned and they were gone. I called out and received no reply to my hails. Angered that they had gone ahead I returned to the bush and took a few samples. About fifteen minutes later I returned to the trail and questioned where they had gone. Both were emphatic that they had not ventured from the spot but my father seemed preoccupied by voices that he claimed he had heard.
"A garbled , mumbling speech that resemble the sound of dwarves arguing over a card hand". I passed it off to the carry of the boy's voices from below the bank but he insisted otherwise. With that we continued on our way and investigated the tunnels without incident. After about an hour of hike to the upper tunnels my father and niece decided to return to the vehicles. Dad would liked to have continued the hike but was worried about the safety of my niece, Tina, so he accompanied her back to the cars. I said my good-bye's and continued on my way. Onto a trail that I had only been on the week before.....
As I looked around it was difficult to determine exactly what I was seeing. The trail looked like it had been obliterated in some cataclysmic fashion. Huge rocks were out of place, trees broken over the hillside ripped loose. I couldn't even discern the ribbons I had placed to mark my previous trip. It was as though the hand of God had slapped the hillside and jarred it beyond recognition. I couldn't even tell if I could regain the trail without rope and pitons to secure my travel. It was devastation, so much so, that I abandoned the monument I was carrying so I could use both hands to pull myself up to the trail. I was standing in an area more familiar but equally as unusual. Here I could see the ribbons I had placed but they were laying on trees that were now on the ground. Large conifers were snapped off 3 and 4 feet above the ground like a child breaks stalks of grass.  The broken ends and ground covered with an unusual green slime. It was like nothing I had seen before in all my many travels into the wild.  It looked like it had been ejected from a toothpaste tube but the interior of the jelly contained strands of very minute vegetable matter. This was impressed into the interior like it came out of  5 separate orifices and it held its position in the mass of gelatin. Overall consistency was like thick tapioca pudding and it gave the simulation of phosphorescence in the dim light of the trail. As you might imagine from my discussion I spent some time trying to decipher the meaning of all that I was seeing as the site reminded me of the Tunguska blast in Russia or the aftermath of St. Helens. Many of the tees were laying up the hill! A short while later I arrived at the site where I had intended to place the monument. I returned for this and made placement fast as I still had to take samples and return to the vehicles before it got too dark to pick berries.
When I completed this task I turn to take a few samples and heard an unusual echo from the surrounding hill. An extended echo that wasn't mine coming from the hill above me. Now let me tell you. In the time that I have been mining I have had several guns pointed at my face. I had no desire to be shot by some wayward hayseed in the hills so I dropped my supplies and traveled out onto the rockslide that went all the way up the hill. A vantage point from which I would surely see the maker of the sound. Well, such was not the case so I cupped my hands to my face and called to the make of the sound. Moments later the hillside exploded in a blaze of fury.
Falling through the trees I could make out a large black shape and my first impression was that my call had dislodged a large nest or tree limb from above. But as it continued to crash, in a Rambo fashion, I knew I was seeing a living creature; big and black. It had to be a bear, a cub perhaps and I began to look for the mother. As it rolled through I could see arms gripping for a hand hold and a creature far bigger than a cub. This had to be a grizzly judging from its size and it was rolling right toward me.  Not a good place to be with an injured bear! I saw every form of mauling death in those first few moments and prepared for a quick and painful death a the claws of this thing then it was over. The behemoth laid on the trail dead......or unconsciously, couldn't tell. Better yet I couldn't make out head or tail on what I was seeing. It just looked like a mass of hair. I surveyed my situation in the few moments and decided to walk toward the thing and see if I could get around it and escape. Just then it began to stir and I prepared to die....
I saw first one hand and then another extending from the sides of this thing. Expecting a four-footed stance you can imagine my surprise when it stood up like a man and its buttocks was about eye level. I pulled my .22 caliber pistol and tried to fire a round up into the air but I was so rattled that I forgot the safety and it wouldn't fire. By now I was so engrossed in the magnificent size of this beast I just stood there and took in all I could. Determined that, if I survived, I had to remember all that I was seeing. Its back was absolutely enormous; I marveled at its muscle bundles and definition. The hair was jet black and about 3 inches long over most of its body. The hair on its head grew in a large cape about 24 inches long and in long tassels from the edges of its arms and legs.  Swishing like a Spaniel dog as it walked. Its face was a ruddy brown with deep set wrinkles under the eye sockets and eyes dark as coal. Its nose was short and black with a beard/mustache that grew from the bridge of its nose. Lower the beard resembled some aspects of the Buffalo. I thought it quite odd because I could see various forms of mythical beasts in my own visual description to myself.  Later I fired a shot over its right shoulder. It turned and looked at me and then just walked away down the trail like I didn't matter, a living goliath. As I stood there I was unsure what to do. The gun was little protection but I did have explosives down the trail in my rock bag. My thought was to get to them and I could easily scare this thing away and make my break for it. As I walked down the trail though I spotted something crouching near my supplies. It was the creature and it was doing something, digging? Well, thinking that this was possibly a method of hiding killed prey, I decided to get a closer look and make sure it wasn't one of my party. But as I got closer it picked up a rock the size of a basketball and beat it on the ground three times. I decided this was bad and began to back up. Now it seemed like I became the hunted and it turned and ran in my direction. I turned and ran for all it was worth toward the rock slide and down the hill. The creature crested the hill above me and began a longitudinal traverse of the hillside ripping out everything that stood in its way.....
It looked like the scenes of a Tasmanian Devil cartoon. This thing destroyed whole trees as it mowed through them, pushing them aside like I would small twigs. Rocks, branches all forms of debris came my direction as they were being hit with some beam of anti-gravitational force. It was so surreal that it was shocking and I stopped several times when I could run no further. Surprisingly, when I stopped, it stopped and when I ran, it ran. During the pauses it would make that banging sound again just long enough to enlist a response.  I ran to within 300 feet of the road before I decided to give up and then it turned and went back into the forest. As I broke out onto the road they tell me I emptied the clip of my gun. Of that I have no memory.
When I returned home I was too distraught to talk to my wife or my friend Kevin who was visiting. I just went into the shower and scrubbed until I began to bleed. I then collapsed in the tub and began to sob. Shaking with the adrenaline still coursing through my veins. That night I recounted my story of what I had seen. A curse that led to repeated bizarre nightmares and sleep depravation. Unusual, terrifying aspects for which I have no explanation. On that note I will leave you to digest my story.
I consider myself  to be a very rational man. I have seen bears in the wild and have hunted the same. What I saw wasn't a bear. It seemed a living creature that was capable of being hurt. Albeit to higher levels of pain than a man could survive. As you become more involved with this subject you will notice that science finds what it wants. It affords the research that it  wants and those who seem most devoted to the topic are not. Those who do believe, those who have had the experience are few. They make periodic visits to the media and if time allows they tell their stories even though they don't get paid for these appearances. All we want are the answers that will again allow us to live a normal life. A life in which the world is a far bigger place and we feel humbled by the magnificence of God.  Sincerely, S.F.             

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Jackson County, Prospect Oregon
(Union Creek) 2001

Back in the winter of 2001 my youngest son
 and I were on our way from Boise, Idaho to Medford,
Oregon. We had a car trailer
 to his old place in Boise in order to haul his
 non-running jeep to his new place in Medford.
We hit an area of heavy snow in the
southern Cascades around 2:00 a.m. It took 45
minutes or so to get down the mountain.
We had of course been  drinking coffee to
 stay alert.

About 25 miles west of the pass it became obvious
 that the last few quarts of coffee had to be drained.
We stopped at a wide spot in the road near a summer
 tourist haunt; deserted in winter. There is a gas station
 and ice cream joint on the west
side of the road, closed at this time of year and no town or
settlement within 30 miles.

This is tall timber country and unsettled. Across
 the road is a small parking area for the ice cream joint. It is
paved and about 200 ft. wide and 80 ft. deep. I pulled in and 
 as I stepped out with .45 on hip, it occurred to me in a flash
 that grabbing the 590 mossy would be good.

As we walked to the far end of the area to be well
off the road, the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood
 on end. The area directly to our front was open with a depth
 of 50 yards and a width of 100 yards. The night was clear and
cold, 8-10 inches of snow on the ground and with a moon that
was almost full, so we could see quite well.

While standing and taking a leak with my son about
15 to my right I saw, as if springing from the earth in front
of us across the open area 10 or 12 creatures moving RAPIDLY
 back and forth in sort of a thatch weave pattern.

These things, not human men, were close to 7 ft. tall,
thin, bipedal with long arms, medium length gray fur, and damned
fast on their feet. I brought the shotgun up with the safety off, as
my son was drawing his .45.

I don't know if I can adequately explain the overwhelming
 feeling of menace, but here goes. I had been operating on pure
instinct since I stepped from the pickup, the rotten feeling hit me
 a split second before the things arrived, the feeling?, instinct?,
was that we were prey and subject to a very bad death and
to be slaughtered and eaten, not a logical process, gut feeling
and massively overwhelming.

As they were moving around in front of us, more 
appeared, and mixed among them, all the while running about fast in
 front of us. Son and I were backing toward the truck, I WOULD NOT
present my back to them some of them peeled off right and left
in an encirclement movement. They were rolling in fast from
the sides now, I could smell and feel their presence.

We got to the truck loaded on adrenaline ready to kill,
as we both knew we were in grave danger. We piled into the truck,
 locked doors. I had keys out and ready as my butt neared the seat,
I had the engine lit and trans. in gear and gas pedal mashed
in one motion. Adrenaline is great stuff! As we fled, yes fled!
something VERY close by let out a undulating scream of rage,
and pain. I believe one or more of the group had gotten really
close to us in their persuit and I ran over the foot of one of them,
yeah they were that close.

We rolled onto the highway and I told son to watch the
 bed of the pickup as well as the trailer, he already was indexed
 to the rear with the shotgun. We hauled ass for at least 20  miles
 before the feeling of grave danger started to abate.

The feeling that nailed both of us as we discussed soon
afterward, was one of being prey and soon to be slaughtered and eaten.
 I'm not easily and neither believe or disbelieve all the bigfoot,
 ghost and werewolf stuff,  in fact I am skeptical.

My son was speaking with a coworker about 6 months
 later who had grown up in Prospect, Oregon, about 30 miles south
 of Union Creek where the incident took place. He asked Jake if he
 had ever heard of any strange goings-on in in the area.

Jake went ashy white and pretty much retold the above
tale. He says to avoid the place at night.

A family friend, a 25 yr. retired cop not given to flights
of fancy and an excellent observer, had a tale very similar from
 a year before. I told my wife of this event of course; she looked
at me at the beginning as though I had developed a third eyeball
in the center of my forehead. That was from shock, she did
believe me, but did not wish to hear any of the details. She said the
 tale gave her chills. Me too as I write this, hair on the back of my
 neck and forearms is sticking up.

I have NOT gone back to explore and would not without
 a large group of shotgun and flamethrower equipped men with
me. My son and I are sane, sober persons, and not taken to
hysteria. We were wide, VERY wide awake as things transpired.
We saw and smelled what was there. 

As a sidebar neither of us heard footfalls from the
creatures. They were silent until I heard one as we were getting
the hell out of there.

To my knowledge, and I have researched, there is
nothing that matches these creatures, unless one considers old
legends and folk tales of were creatures.

To conclude, I have to fall back on Elmer Keith's
famous line

"Hell, I was there".

















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The following account comes from a publication by  Ken Korczak titled  Minnesota Paranormala.

"A no nonsense, hard working doctor and his surgeon buddy  are on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota. One of the doctors brought along his two son's, ages 10 and 12. The other doctor had no children, and so enjoyed being able to spend time with the young boys of his colleague.

Both doctors were extremely 'straight laced'. Both were deacons in their church, neither had much of a sense of humor, and they worked long hours. Vacations were rare, and when they did take time off, these two doctors didn't exactly let their hair down just because they were out in the north woods. They brought their no-nonsense, humorless attitude of 'lets-get-it-done' even to the fun of camping.

The men and boys paired up two to a canoe. The older boy paddled with his father and the younger boy joined the other doctor.

The Boundary Waters straddle the Minnesota-Canada border. It is a vast area of lakes and wooded wilderness, more than a million square acres. This is an extremely pristine and unspoiled region where aggressive efforts have been made to keep out as much of modern development as possible-for example no motorized boats are allowed and no motorized land vehicles. There are dozens of lakes interspersed with pine-forested islands and mainland.

The buzzing of motorized modern humanity is forbidden in this magnificent, unspoiled tract of mother nature.

Canoeing among the Boundary Water is fun, exhilarating but can be arduous. It is necessary to make frequent portages across rugged terrain between numerous sparkling-clear lakes. That means lifting canoes, camping gear and supplies, lugging them between lakes. Camping is primitive.

On their first day out, the two men and boys were coming near the end of a long, taxing day of paddling and portaging. They arrived at a spot where they decided to camp. The doctors told the boys to make a fire while they doubled back to retrieve the rest of their gear.

As it grew dark the boys began to worry because the adults were taking a long time returning. Finally they head branches snapping and the sound of someone running toward them from the woods.

It was the two doctors: but now their super-cool exteriors and reserved demeanor had abandoned them. They were frantic one of them screamed at the boys 'Put out that fire!' Before the boys could react, one of the men hastily kicked dirt over the fire-as if dousing the flames was a matter of survival.

The men shouted at the boys: 'Gather up your stuff as fast as you can-we're leaving!'  The youngsters were perplexed. They didn't have a chance to ask why. It was obvious the adults wanted out of the woods- and fast. The group returned to the original portage site, unloaded their canoes and began paddling with desperate urgency back the way they had come.

One of the boys said 'I couldn't understand what was going on, I was starving because I hadn't eaten all day, and they pushed us to paddle as fast as we could. We were exhausted, hungry, and it was already pitch dark. We couldn't understand what had come over my dad. But we also got the impression that we were not to ask. We started to cry. We felt like we were running for our lives. But from what, or why? We didn't know'

When they returned to their hotel rooms, the high strangeness continued. The two doctors did something amazing in the eyes of the eldest son: they each purchased a 12 pack of beer! The boys had never known their father to drink. As far as they knew, he was  teetotaler, and so was the other doctor. But now these deacon physicians were in obvious need of a few stiff drinks.

The boys said both men seemed dazed all that night. They were sure that neither of them slept. As for what had brought about their bizarre mood, they weren't talking about it, and the boys dared not ask.

The next day, even though only a single day had passed of what was to be a week-long excursion in the northern woods, the group packed up their car and headed back to civilization. Although a camping trip to the Boundary Waters had never been missed in the past 14 years, the trip was never made again.

The incident was not spoken of again - until about 25 years later.

The year was 1989. The father of the two boys had retired from his long, successful career as a surgeon at the most prestigious medical facility in the world. The boy who was 12 was now an adult. One day as the family had gathered to prepare for a wedding, the son casually mentioned to his dad that he had purchased a cabin near the Boundary Waters.

Invoking the Boundary Waters seemed to trigger the old doctors memory of the frightening incident of 25 years previously. He said to his son: 'Have you ever wondered why we never made another camping trip to the Boundary Waters after that last one - the one where we packed up and left so suddenly?'

'Yes, I've always wondered what happened on that day, but I didn't think you would ever talk about it.'

Here is what he said:

'When doctor Smith (not his real name) and I went back to retrieve our gear, we were resting for a moment before we picked up and headed back to the camp where you two were waiting. The trail back to camp was like a long tunnel - the trees were heavy and overhanging so that the sky was almost obscured. The trail also rose steeply and was rocky.

Suddenly a ways up the trail we aw a very large creature of some kind, but it appeared to be walking upright like a man. But it was really big, bulky, covered with hair, very tall, and in the distance it looked at first like maybe a gigantic bear. We became very concerned because someone had been attacked by a bear in this area a few days earlier. We had also heard that some bears in the area had been found to be infected with a brain parasite which caused them to act erratically. We thought this might explain the strange upright walking behavior of the large animal we saw up the steep trail - it appeared to be almost running.

As the creature came closer and they got a better look, the doctors could not believe their eyes. In the last of the daylight, their first thought of this thing was some kind of 'escaped hybrid gorilla'.

The doctor continues:

'Then I saw with some concern that Dr. Smith grabbed a large rock and hid himself behind a bush! He had a rock about the size of a loaf of bread. If he was going to throw that at this massive creature.....well, I thought that was a bad idea. I thought he was crazy, but there was no time for a debate. I decided to try to scare the thing off before he could pelt it with a rock and make it mad. I stood my ground in the middle of the path and began waving my arms, screaming and yelling.

The creature kept coming forward at a rapid rate. It only seemed to notice the arms waving doctor when he was three feet in front of him. The creature stopped abruptly. Doctor and Bigfoot stood eye to eye.

He described the creature as a large 'man-like ape' easily over 7 feet tall, massively built, long haired and emitting a  noxious odor that was beyond description. The doctor stopped his yelling and stood there practically toe-to-toe with an entity that seemed just as stunned as he.

Neither man nor beast had expected to confront the other. Time froze.

Suddenly Dr. Smith heaved his rock from behind the bushes, only to have it land about six feet behind the beast. The creature turned, bellowed an ear-splitting roar, and sprinted off the trail directly into the thick woods. The doctor said large poplar trees in front of the beast bent down and were flattened before the creature as if being pushed down by a bulldozer.

For the doctors, who spent their lives as men of science, ensconced in mainstream Christian beliefs - men who firmly believed that their grip on reality was fundamental and unshakable - confronting Bigfoot was a blow to their world view.

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A region that many would not think the Sasquatch to inhabit is southern California, but this is far from true. The following accounts come from there and are fascinating:

Written by: Ken Hulsey/ Terri Pressley

'Huge, scary, aggressive, fast, and threatening'. These terms are used to describe several bigfoot-like creatures said to inhabit the desert regions of southern California. These mysterious giant apes go by many different names, The Borrego Sandman, The Speedway Monster, Zoobies, Devils, and the Yucca Man.

It may come to the surprise of those who follow stories of Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures tat the first report of these creatures by European settlers did not come from the East Coast, Midwest, or even the Pacific Northwest. It actually came from southern California,. In 1769, Spanish priests founded the first mission in San Diego.

Local Gabrieleo Indians told the padres about "hairy devils" that lived nearby. In fact according to written accounts, the Indians lived in fear of these large, foul smelling, "wild men" and refused to go anywhere near their reported home called " towis puki" (camp of the devil) on the southern bank of the Santa Ana River.

The area of "Deadmans hole" near Holcomb Village just west of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park was a water stop on the old Stagecoach lines during the mid to late 1800s, and is the reported site of several alleged murders blamed on Bigfoot. In 1876, one of the passengers who ventured out of the safety of the coach while it's horses stopped to take a drink reported seeing a large, naked, hairy "thing" watching him from behind some scruff. After that, several people met their demise at the site, either strangled or beaten to death by an unknown person or thing. They blamed the monster of course, regardless of the fact if it actually killed them or not.

In April 1876, The San Diego Union reported an encounter with a "missing link" near Warner's ranch, also west of Anza-Borrego, by a young man named Turner Helm. According to Helm, the creature had dark fur like a bear and a face like an American or Spaniard.

In March 1888, two local hunters, Charles Cox and Edward Dean set out  to hunt down the monster and finally put an end to the murders. According to the San Diego Daily Transcript the pair found, and killed, what they were looking for.

A creature described as a gorilla with the face of an Indian and fangs like a bear. The creatures' body was to be transported to San Diego where it was to be on public display but mysteriously disappeared before arrival.

Undoubtedly, it was the discovery of gold deposits that first lured the white man to this desolate area and it is from one of these fortune hunters that the first report of Bigfoot or the Borrego Sandman as it has been called in these parts, originated.

Reportedly in 1939 a prospector, who when interviewed in the 1970's wished to remain anonymous, was attacked by a large group of "upright-walking apes" as he camped near the Borrego Sink.


The frightened man describes the creatures as very large, covered in white fur, with glowing red eyes. The only thing said to have saved the man was the fact that the monsters were afraid of his campfire.

Another report of giant footprints from that same general area came from a man named Victor Stoyanow in 1964. His story, retold in a famous article in SAGA magazine entitled, 'America's Terrifying Woodland Monster Men" in 1969. The piece also featured the story of Harold Lancaster, a miner who encountered the Sandman in 1968.

"America's Terrifying Woodland Monster-men"
By Warren Smith

At one time, their stomping grounds were virtually impenetrable forests in the Western Mountain States, but lately these wild half-man hand beast creatures have been spotted in Michigan, California, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida - scaring the hell out of hunters, picnickers and campers who suddenly come face to face with these weird ape-like beings. "I was so terrified I couldn't even blink my eyes," is the way that Harold E. Nelson of suburban Los Angeles described his frightening encounter with the wild hair half man half beast known as the abominable snowman. [ABSM]The eerie experience occurred when Nelson, a retired businessman, left California to visit his relatives in upstate New York.

"I drive around the country a lot so I bought a pickup with a camper on the back," Nelson related. "On the evening of September 11, 1968, I pulled off the highway just outside Billings, Montana. It was a lonely place to spend the night." Nelson articles/saga1969had been driving since early morning so he skipped his usual hot meal.

" I opened a can of pork and beans and was munching on a few crackers when I heard a racket outside the camper," he continued. "I was going to investigate when the noise stopped. I figured it was a small animal of some sort. I dismissed the incident because you can get spooked when you're camping out. I had left my pipe in the pickup cab so I picked up the flashlight and opened the door…"

Harold Nelson will always remember those few minutes. "I was frozen with terror," he said, still shaken by the experience. I was face to face with a yeti, a snowman or whatever you want to call those things!"Later, Nelson described the creature. "It had an apelike face but it was definitely not a gorilla," he explained. "The head was slightly pointed, sloping down like the sketches of cavemen. The whole body was covered with a reddish-brown hair. There were a few spots of white hair along the edge of the enormous shoulders. It stood erect, like a man, and must· have weighed 600 or 800 pounds. He was big--real big."The elderly grocer was stunned with fear. "My mind just short-circuited. I couldn't think," he stated. "My flashlight was shining on the beast and I remember very distinctly that the eyes shined in the beam, like a wild animal. It, made a funny noise, sort of like a gargle and whistle at the same time. The thing reached toward me. That's when I screamed."Fortunately, Nelson's terrified scream frightened the intruder. "He stepped back, looked puzzled and then frowned," Nelson said. "I raced back to my bed and got a .22 caliber pistol from beneath my pillow. I expected the beast to come tearing into the camper. It moved forward, peered curiously into the doorway, then turned and shuffled off into the darkness."

The frightened camper trembled as he watched the beast cross a small creek and disappear into a cluster of trees. "I am very grateful that I did not have to use the gun," Nelson said. "The bullets would never have stopped him.

Then, I got to thinking that maybe he was not running away, but was going to get some of his friends. I set a speed record getting my pickup out of there. I was still shaking when I pulled into a small town gas station and started talking with an attendant."The gasoline station employee was not alarmed by the report. "He said other motorists going through had seen these beasts along the highways," Nelson said. "I decided not to report the incident. The police would say it was a bear, the attendant told me."

Nelson is convinced he encountered a species of those mysterious creatures known as Abominable Snowmen. "I get around the country and plenty of people are seeing these things," Nelson declared firmly. "I won't camp along an isolated highway anymore." Harold Nelson, like many other people, is convinced that Abominable Snowmen are real.An avalanche of reports of recent encounters with these half-men, half-beasts have puzzled the authorities in dozens of countries.

We can now assume that a specimen will soon be captured. A hunter may zero in on a shadowy figure in some marshy swamp and blast down an Abominable Snowman. Or, some well-equipped scientific expedition will finally capture one of these elusive creatures. This month, this year, certainly in the very near future, one of these primitive beasts will become a front-page reality!Dead or alive, the specimen of a snowman will trigger a boiling scientific controversy.

Many notable scientists have looked at the movie film of a snowman taken by ex-rodeo rider Roger Patterson. In recent years, the Yakima; Wash., monster-hunter launched several unsuccessful searches into the western wilderness. Then, at 3:30 p.m., Oct. 20, 1967, Patterson and Bob Gimlin were in the great forest north of Eureka, Calif. They sighted a strange, hair-covered beast walking upright through the timber. Patterson grabbed his movie camera and zoomed in as the creature moved away.

The result is a highly controversial roll of 16mm. · color movie film. A biologist from the Smithsonian Institute said he "observed nothing that would point directly to a hoax." His colleagues, American and Canadian scientists, viewed the film with cautious bewilderment. "It is as hard to believe the film could be faked as to admit the creature exists," reported Dr. Don Abbott, an anthropologist with the Provincial Museum in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada."

An actual body of one of these creatures, or a living specimen, would be shattering to science," a noted scientist informed SAGA. "It would create wholesale confusion in several areas of science. Biology, anthropology, and even history would have to be revised. Textbooks would have to be rewritten. I wish someone would drag in one of these things. The turmoil would be terrific."

Science would not be the only casualty. There will be some puzzling legal problems. The law does not accurately define a human being. We have no legal precedents as to what sum of bone, blood, nerves and brains constitute Homo sapiens. Would the Snowman be considered an animal, and. therefore liable to be trapped, caged and exhibited in a zoo? Or, would it be judged as some form of human being and subject to the laws that apply to every citizen? "I think about the legal aspects a lot," reported 68 year-old Harold Nelson. "What would have happened if I had shot that Montana Snowman? The thing is definitely part human. Would it have been murder?" If the law declared the Snowman to be an animal, then the ownership of these creatures as property would be permissible." Some shrewd businessman would try to breed and train them to perform menial tasks," Nelson theorized. While this may sound like fantasy, the Russians claim to have already done so!

Dr. Jeanne-Marie-Therese Koffman, a Russian physician, delivered her report on Abominable Snowmen to a 1967 meeting of the Russian Geological Society. Nicknamed "the Abominable Koffman" by her colleagues, the Russian scientist told of her five-year search for the Agachikishi, as Snowmen are called in the USSR. She informed the assembled scientists that 219 people had sighted Snowmen during nine expeditions into the isolated areas of her country.

Even more interesting was a report from Dr. Koffman that a farmer in the Caucasus Mountain Range had successfully trained a Snowman to perform chores on the farm. The story is fragmentary; however, the farmer apparently discovered a starving snowman and the creature became very docile when the farmer fed him." The beast became something of an interesting pet," the report stated. "He followed the farmer around the farm when chores were done, and quickly learned to perform some of the simpler tasks.

Eventually, the farmer taught his hairy hired hand to drive a tractor. The beast was very proficient in handling the tractor but was unable to learn how to start the machine."There are persistent rumors from Russia that the Soviet scientific establishment has captured a live Snowman.

The creature is reportedly being examined in Moscow in a top-secret project. Some credence can be given to this possibility because there have been an untold number of sightings in the Caucasus Mountains over the last several hundred years.

The Agachikishi, Kaptar, Mesheadam and the Almasty are regional names in various parts of the USSR for the Abominable Snowman. Each year, there are hundreds of confrontations with Snowmen behind the Iron Curtain and communist scientists have launched a worldwide investigation.

If the thought of Snowmen trained to toil for farmers seems farfetched, the alternate possibility of these creatures being judged human would be equally: staggering. "You imagination wouldn't have to stretch too far to see some fascinating political problems if Snowmen are real," an attorney declared. "

As a human, they would have the same rights as any other citizen. This would include the right to vote, own property, enter into legal contracts and, of course, be responsible for their acts."The attorney reflected for a moment. 1 then laughed aloud. "The government would undoubtedly decide they were wards of the state," he chuckled. "The politicians would create another government bureau to manage their affairs. Some politician would start thinking about the Snowman vote and we would have another poverty program!"

One of the most startling phenomena connected with the most recent sightings in North America has been the locality of the encounters. Traditionally, past glimpses of these mysterious creatures have occurred primarily in isolated mountain ranges. The "Oh-mahs" and the "Big Feet" prowled the western mountains while their cousins, the Sasquatch, roamed British Columbia and s western Canada. It appeared that these families, or tribes of Snowmen liked the lush vegetation of the forest and the security of mountains.

Then, in the late 1950s, a rash of reports occurred in Missouri, Florida, Michigan and even arid desert areas. Game wardens and conservation officers in several northern midwestern states claim the Canadian Snowmen are migrating southward.In the summer of 1965, a hairy monster that terrorized residents during that summer panicked Monroe County, Michigan.

Teen-aged Christine Van Acker and her mother, Rose Owens, declared a man-like beast attacked them when their automobile stalled on a lonely highway. Dozens of frightening reports poured in from other residents who claimed to have experienced unnerving encounters with the creature.

articles/saga1969A migrant worker claimed to have battled a Snowman when the beast attempted to kidnap a young woman. Another sighting occurred on the evening of Nov. 8, 1966, when William and James Cagle were driving toward Marietta, Ga., from their home in Oklahoma. They braked their truck to negotiate a sharp curve in the highway near Winona, Miss.

As the vehicle slowed down, one of the huge creatures rushed down the slope toward the truck."When my headlights picked him up, he was on our left side," James Cagle wrote. "He was aggressive, angry and ready to attack. Personally, I don't believe he was angry with my brother or me.

When I was out in northern California I heard these things dislike noise. He may have wanted to destroy my truck because the sound may have disturbed his sensitive ears."

The creature was no more than 20 feet from us when we slowed down to seven or eight miles per hour," James Cagle continued. "The face looked like a mixture of a gorilla and a human. The arms and legs were very large. The chest was at least three feet thick. His eyes glowed in the dark and did not seem to have pupils."It looked us over, then slowly raised an arm like the Indians do when they greet someone."

James Cagle reported, "I had seen all that I wanted. I floor boarded the accelerator and we moved out of there."James Cagle is convinced the Snowmen are scattered around America today. "They seem to hate noise so they may not come too close to a city," he summed up. "I do know that no .38 or .45 bullet could have stopped the one we saw. Anyway, they should not be killed except in self-defense because I am positive they are part human."

A mountaintop meeting with a hairy creature in another southern state shook Brenda Ann Adkins. "I drove up to Monteagle Mountain, north of Chattanooga, Tennessee early last spring and stopped to take some color pictures of the scenery. I left my camera in the car and walked along the cliff edge to find a spot to take a few pictures. I was staring over the mountain when there was a noise in the woods behind me. I also smelled a very strange odor, almost nauseating, as if something had died."The 19-year-old girl turned and saw the creature stomp out of the brush and lumber toward her. "I was absolutely frozen with fear. This thing was at least seven feet tall and must have weighed several hundred pounds," she declared. "I'll never forget his enormous chest, and those huge arms and legs. His body was completely covered with a blackish-red hair. The face was a mixture of an ape and a human."Just like the perils of a movie heroine, the young woman was trapped on the cliff ledge.

The beast was between her and her automobile. "I still have nightmares about that afternoon." Miss Adkins related. "He seemed to be angry and was growling. I thought he would push me off the cliff or something. Then, he stopped about six feet from where I stood, cocked his head in a quizzical way and just stared at me. He studied me for a few moments, then seemed to smile, made a little blubbering noise and walked back into the brush!" The young woman dashed to her car and drove to the town of Monteagle, on top of the mountain." I stopped at the restaurant there. I was shaking so badly that I spilled coffee on my dress." she said." A man asked if I needed help. I told him the story and he said it was probably a bear. I agreed with him because I was almost in shock. He probably thought I was a little crazy." The young woman has returned to the mountain on two other occasions, hoping to see the beast again and obtain a photograph. "My father works in Chattanooga and he accompanied me," Miss Adkins explained. "He carried a big deer rifle, but I don't think a rifle would stop one of those monsters." Miss Adkins was very fortunate. There are accounts in every country of women being abducted by these half-men, half-animals; the folklore of Indian tribes in several parts of North America contains tales of these bizarre kidnappings.

One such experience allegedly occurred during the last century when a 17-year-old Indian girl was captured by a snowman when her tribe camped in the Harrison Lake district of British Columbia." Old Annie never quite lived down that tragedy. She was compelled to live with the young male Sasquatch, and his parents,'' said Gordon Nicholson, an enthusiastic Canadian monster hunter. Nicholson has spent six years gathering information on Canada's "Wild Men of the Forests." "The legend says that Annie was kidnapped and carried to a smelly cave on a mountain just south of Harrison Lake. Annie managed to escape from the Sasquatch family after several months of captivity. She wandered in the forest for several days and was delirious and half-starved when she reached civilization.'' Nicholson adds, "The old woman died several years ago so there is no way to prove the story. However, there are persistent legends about Indian women being carried away by these fellows in my country of Canada, and down in California and the northwestern states. Many of the old newspapers contain stories of 'wild men' who lurked in the woods. I think these may have been the Sasquatch."
Gold prospectors and treasure hunters frequently seek their lost bonanzas in isolated areas. Since 1964, treasure hunters in the Borrego Valley desert in California have whispered about "the Abominable Sandmen of Borrego." The arid area is near the Mexican border, it is virtually uninhabited. There are many fissures, caves and crevasses in the Superstition Mountain region and prospectors say the Cocopah Indians have told of a subterranean labyrinth under the mountain, Maj. Victor Stoyanow was seeking an access into the Superstition Hills in January 1964, when he noticed large, humanoid tracks in the sand dunes. "The prints ran in pairs, generally parallel and averaged about 14 inches in length and nine wide at the instep," Major Stoyanow declared. He returned to the desert on several other occasions, made plaster casts of the prints, and snapped photographs." Curious as I am, I hope that the person who discovers what kind of beast it is doesn't happen to be me." Major Stoyanow said after his thorough investigation into the tracks.

The San Diego Union ran an unverifiable article some years ago of a "sandman" that was shot by hunter Frank Cox at Deadman's Hole, near Warner, California in San Diego County. The beast was described as a cross between "a man and a bear." The head was rather small, with protruding teeth and powerful jaws. The muscular creature had feet that measured 24 inches in length and the body weight was estimated to be 400 pounds. Harold Lancaster, treasure hunter, was prospecting in the Borrego Sink, east of the settlement of Borrego Springs. California in July 1968, when he saw a "sandman." "I was camped up on a mesa one morning when I saw a man walking in the desert," he reported. "The figure came closer. I thought it was another prospector. Then, I picked up my binoculars and saw the strangest sight in my life."It was a real giant ape man," Lancaster said. "I had heard about the screaming giant ape man up in Tuolumne County that frightened people for a couple of years. Another person and I even went up there to look for the thing. I decided it was a hoax and never expected to actually see one."

As the "sandman" drew closer, Lancaster became worried. "That thing was big. I was no match for it," he reported. "I had a .22 pistol on my hip but it would have been like shooting at a gorilla with a pea shooter. I was afraid the beast might get too close. So, I fired a couple of rounds into the air. The sandman jumped a good three feet off the ground when the sounds of the shots reached him. He turned his head, looked toward me and then took off running in the other direction!"Why didn't Lancaster shoot the alleged sandman? "I was afraid," he admitted. "They should be protected. They're a form of a human, a primitive species. It would be murder to kill one. They should be studied."In recent years the midwestern states have also caught the "Snowman fever." There have been a rash of reports around Fremont, Wisconsin.

Last December a group of 12 deer hunters were moving through a swamp near the town when three members of the group saw what they described as an "unknown animal." They were no more than 200 yards from the beast. It rose to a full height of seven feet, waved its arms as if in anger and glared at the hunters.Game wardens investigated the report. Conservation Officer Larry McKevitt said he believed the hunters were sincere "but their description might be the result of an over-active imagination."There have been similar reports of "ape men" lurking in the swamplands and forests of rural Wisconsin. The northern half of the state is still relatively isolated. Hunters and farmers are the most frequent sighters. However, most sightings reported are quickly dismissed by game wardens, conservation officials or law enforcement agencies."If there is a tribe of ape men roaming around in the swamps, why doesn't someone shoot one of the beasts and drag the carcass into town?" asked an indignant State Police official when queried by SAGA on the Wisconsin reports.

Across the Mississippi River in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota is an area known as "Little Switzerland." Steep hills, dense woodlands and hidden valleys and hollows run for vast stretches between the towns. Motorists who travel this area at night have reported eerie encounters with weird "ape men" along the highways.It was near midnight several months ago when Larry Hawkins. an Iowa student, drove along Highway 52, south of Rochester, Minn. He was headed for Decorah, Iowa. Suddenly, his car headlights focused on a figure crouching beside the highway. "I thought the person was in trouble," said the student. "I braked down and pulled onto the shoulder. Then I saw that this thing certainly wasn't a human, as we define the term."The creature was ape-like in appearance, with thick shoulders and covered with hair. It leaped from its crouching position, left the roadside and ran up a steep hill into the woods."I got out of the car and saw that it had been crouched over a dead rabbit," Hawkins reported. "I picked up the dead carcass. There were no signs of blood so the creature had not killed the rabbit with its teeth."As the young man was examining the rabbit in the beam from his headlights, a sudden harsh roar sounded in the darkened woods. "The creature must have thought I was stealing its dinner," he explained. "I wasn't going to argue about it. I leaped into my car and didn't stop until I got to a police station.""They dismissed the report as a bad joke, saying I had probably been drinking.'' Hawkins said bitterly.

A man who drove an early morning truck route to Rochester, Minn., from northern Iowa was also dismayed with he claimed to see "monkey-men" along the highways. His frequent reports provided considerable amusement for his fellow workers. They chided the truck driver for "always seeing those crazy things out there. You must be nipping at some bourbon.'' "I swear those monkey-men are real," he insisted. "No one will believe me."The tragic finale came at 4:30 a.m. one morning when the driver ran his truck off the road. He was killed in the crash. His stunned co-workers soberly recalled his reports about the "monkey-men" who lurked along the highway. "I guess the monkey-men got him," a shaken friend said. "He was always telling how these things would sometimes stand right in the middle of the road. I figure he swerved to miss one and crashed."There have been reports of sightings from many communities along the Mississippi River, several centered around Winona. Minnesota. Canada's Sasquatch may have gradually drifted south for food and a warmer climate. A vast marshland extends down from Canada into the Upper Mississippi Valley. Outside of these watery marshes are some of the most productive farms in the world. Farming has been mechanized and open corncribs are quite common on most farms in the Midwest. "The entire area is a giant cafeteria for animals." according to experts. "The new machinery for combining corn is fast and efficient but small portions of the grain are left in the field." The Snowmen would probably find this discarded grain very appetizing.The wild game count has also mushroomed during the past few years in the Midwest. Deer and other wild animals are coming down from Canada and moving into the swamplands.

In recent winters, the deer population has been so heavy in some parts of the Midwest that many have starved for lack of winter forage. "The increased game would make the Midwest attractive for a group of sub-humans," a game warden admitted.The truth about the Abominable Snowmen will be discovered when science obtains a dead body, or a live specimen. Professor Boris Porchnev, a leading authority, advises a calm attitude toward the subject. However, the thought that a group of sub-human creatures have thrived in our forests, unknown to science, staggers the imagination. It will be one of the great stories of this century when the elusive Snowman finally becomes a reality.

© SAGA Magazine 1969

The San Diego Union ran an unverifiable article some years ago of a "Sandman"  that was shot by hunter Frank Cox at Deadman's Hole, near Warner, California in San Diego County. The beast described as a cross between 'a man and a bear' The head was rather small, with protruding teeth, and powerful jaws. The muscular creature had feet that measured 24 inches in length and the body weight estimated to be 400 pounds.

Harold Lancaster, treasure hunter, was prospecting in the Borrego
Sink, east of the settlement of Borrego Springs, California in July 1968, when he saw a ‘sandman.’ "I was camped up on a
mesa one morning when I saw a man walking in the desert," he reported. "The figure came closer and I thought it was another
prospector. Then, I picked up my binoculars and saw the strangest sight in my life. It was a real giant ape-man," Lancaster said.
"I had heard about the screaming giant ape-man up in Tuolumne County that frightened people for a couple of years. Another
person and I even went up there to look for the thing. I decided it was a hoax and never expected to actually see one.” As the
"sandman" drew closer, Lancaster became worried. "That thing was big. I was no match for it," he reported. "I had a .22 pistol
on my hip but it would have been like shooting at a gorilla with a pea shooter. I was afraid the beast might get too close. So, I
fired a couple of rounds into the air. The sandman jumped a good three feet off the ground when the sounds of the shots
reached him. He turned his head, looked toward me, and then took off running in the other direction! “Why didn't Lancaster
shoot the alleged sandman? “ I was afraid," he admitted. "They should be protected. They are a form of a human, a primitive
species. It would be murder to kill one. They should be studied."

In the late 1960s, reports of Bigfoot sightings in the desert towns of Lancaster and Palmdale reached a feverish pace that lasted
well into the 1970s and then tapered off. Though these areas border on the Mojave Desert, they also border on the Angeles
National forest, it does not seem too unlikely that the creature could have been lured out of the wilderness and into the desert.

More bizarre are the stories of  frequent intrusions by creatures that match the description of Bigfoot that have surfaced from
nearby Edwards Air Force Base an area further inland and much further from the forested areas near Los Angeles. As the story
goes, Base Security has possession of several surveillance video tapes that plainly show extremely large, up right apes
trespassing in the facilities numerous underground tunnels. How, or where, the Bigfoot break into, or gain access to these
tunnels has never been revealed, obviously for security reasons, but reportedly these incidents happen rather often, and are a

In 1964, a father and son found themselves being pelted with rocks by a “shaggy" creature while hiking near Escondido. Later
that same summer, a juvenile Sandman was implicated in the death of three cows on the MGM Ranch near Jamul, west of
Anza-Borrego. This time the creature left behind plenty of large human-like tracks in the soft dirt.


The city of Fontana has had a long and glorious history
associated with auto racing. As most of you probably
know, the city is the present home of the Auto club
Speedway, which holds a yearly major NASCAR race
along with other racing events of different types. What
many of you might not know is back in the 1950s
there was a drag strip in the area that was considered one
of the best in the country. ‘The Mickey Thompson's
Fontana International Dragway’ lasted for almost two
decades before a series of fatal accidents forced it to close
in 1972. The area is now a housing tract known as the
Village of Heritage and lies about a mile east of Etiwanda
Blvd on the north side of Foothill Blvd. These race events
took place for two decades and attracted legions of die-
hard race fans; they also attracted a very curious monster.
The height of these sightings took place in the early 1960s
when race patrons would regularly spot a giant, harry,
Bigfoot-like creature crossing a field adjacent to the track
in full view of the grandstands. Bigfoot had been seen so
regularly that it earned the name "Speedway Monster.”
Though witnessed by hundreds of people, no one ever
worked up the courage to investigate it. It is hard to
speculate why a creature known for being reclusive and
shy of humans would trek so close to a racetrack filled
with people and to mention the load noise produced by the
cars. One can only assume that it was curious about what
all the fuss was about or more likely that the creature was
making plans on rummaging through the tracks trashcans
for leftover burgers and hot dogs after everyone cleared

In July of 1965, the monster attacked a young boy as he walked home. According to the account, the creature surprised the lad
by jumping out from behind some bushes. As he tried to escape from the monster, his clothes were torn to shreds. The child
managed to get loose and run away; the monster reportedly did not give chase.

On August 27 of the same year, a young woman named Jerri Mendenhall was attacked while in her parked car on a residential
street in Fontana by a mud- covered monster that smelled "like a dead animal.” The creature reportedly grabbed her through the
open drivers-side window. Frightened, the young woman put the car in gear and stepped on the gas to escape leaving the
monster in the dust. Though the speedway closed its doors in the early 70s, reports of the "Speedway Monster" continued in the
city of Fontana and the nearby San Bernardino Mountains continued.

In 1975 a group of Boy Scouts were woken up by a Bigfoot rummaging through their campsite near Barton Flats, likewise in
1976 a young man came face-to- face with the creature outside his cabin near Big Bear.

The area of Lytle Creek, in Cajon Pass, near Fontana has been a 'hot-spot' for Bigfoot sightings for decades.

In 1985 a set of large, human-like, tracks were found in the mountains near Anza.
"I have hunted that area and hiked around there over the years. Many times, I have been out there and knew or had some
feeling of another presence. I don't mean like small animals or anything of that sort; just some unexplained feeling that someone
or something has been watching me or following me."

In 1991 Fontana resident John Davis reported that a harry creature on two legs raided his chicken pen.

The most interesting, post Fontana Speedway, story came in 1992 when several motorists on Foothill Blvd spotted a family of
Bigfoot walking along the railroad tracks the crossed over the busy street. The location was reportedly close to the local Ace
Hardware store.

Oh and here is a little history. Back in the 1800s an area between what is now the towns LaVerne and Pomona, near Fontana,
was known to local Indians as "Toybipet" ("devil woman who was there) the reported hunting ground of a female Bigfoot. The
first sightings of the Yucca Man began in the early 1970s as more and more people began to populate the remote desert regions
east of Los Angeles. As families migrated out of the congested city to the cheaper outlying areas in the desert stories of a large
harry monster began to circulate amongst the relocated suburbanites. At first, no one really paid much attention to these reported
encounters that many believed were just the product of bored imaginations. All of that, however, was about to change.

On a cold February night in 1971, a lone guard manned a post outside an armory on the outskirts of the Marine Base near
Twenty-Nine Palms. Without warning, the otherwise unearthly quiet was suddenly shattered when a large mass appeared out of
the dark desert landscape. The guard raised his riffle and commanded the being to "halt.” Much to the young man’s surprise, the
large figure did not stop but instead cha
charged right at him at an inhuman rate. As the figure grew closer, the Marine realized what
was approaching, rapidly, was not a man at all, but a huge, upright running, hair-covered creature. Paralyzed by shock, the
young guard stood his ground, too frightened to move the mysterious creature threw the young man to the ground rendering him
unconscious. When the guard’s relief arrived several hours later, they found him almost incoherent with his riffle nearly bent in
two. After the incident both the CIA and FBI were contacted to conduct an investigation. Much to their surprise, the locals were
more than eager to tell their stories about giant man-beasts in the area. In fact, the very same night as the attack on the guard,
two creatures had been seen roaming through a neighborhood, relatively close to the base. When a local couple looked out of
their front window to see what was upsetting their dog, they saw the two Yucca Men crossing the front lawn. Then some time
later, the same creatures were seen near a horse corral some distance away The investigation also revealed that several
employees at the Joshua Tree National Monument had seen Bigfoot-like creatures on numerous occasions.

Eight years later, in May of 1979, a young couple were leaving their condominium complex in Desert Hot Springs, north of Palm
Springs, when a large hairy creature emerged from behind a yucca in front of their car. According to the driver the animal, which
had "a chest the size of a refrigerator and arms that hung down below its knees,” was so large that he could only see it from the
mid-section down. The beast that reportedly was covered in long tan colored hair disappeared quickly back into the night
leaving no footprint evidence.

Again, in 1979, a 12-foot-tall Bigfoot made a visit to Hemet California some distance to the south of Palm Springs twice in a
period of a week. This time, however, the creature left 17 tracks in the mud along a rural road during its initial visit. The tracks
measured 18 inches in length, and spaced 6 feet apart. Noted Bigfoot researchers Douglas Trapp and Danny Perez both
conducted an investigation of this sighting, even going as far as to perform a "stakeout" of the location where the tracks were
found. Alas, the monster did not return.

In 1988 a couple of service men from Twenty-Nine Palms were returning home from a day of fun in the sun at Big Bear Lake at
about 9:00 p.m. when they encountered a creature that the locals call the "Cement Monster", due to the fact that it is said to live
near an old cement factory in Lucerne Valley. As the two men approached the old factory, a large upright running creature
moved across the road in front of their car. As was the case 9 years earlier in Desert Hot Springs the animal in question was so
large that the men could only see its lower half. The two men looked at each other in disbelief for a moment before one of
the Cement Monster, after him!" The driver hit the
brakes while the other reached for a gun that was in the glove box. The two adrenaline filed men searched up and down the
road and around them exclaimed, "What the Hell was that?" The other replied, "That was the cement factory, but never found any sign of the creature. The pair concluded that they had seen some form
of prehistoric man and returned to their journey home.

Bigfoot In So Cal: The Return Of The Speedway Monster!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Back in 2010 I posted a couple of articles about the infamous
"Speedway Monster" that at one time used to prowl around the
rural communities at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains
just a mere 30-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. The
creature in question got it's signature name from a plethora of
sightings that occurred between the 1950s and early 1970s at the
Mickey Thompson's Fontana International Dragway where literally
hundreds of race fans witnessed it roaming nearby fields and
rummaging through trash cans. After the raceway closed in 1972
sightings of the "Speedway Monster" continued through the early
1990s when the suburban areas of Fontana and Rialto grew by
leaps and bounds into the sprawling residential and shopping
mecca it is today. As most cryptid hunters know, Bigfoot doesn't
like malls so for good reasons the monster has moved on.

Or so it seemed....

An anonymous eyewitness has contacted this website with news
that the "Speedway Monster" may have returned to it's old haunts
near the location where the old dragstrip once stood in an area
that is now the residential neighborhoods of Las Colinas in Rialto,
Ca. According to the source Bigfoot, or something that resembles
one, visited the area on several occasions in 2004 and 2005
traveling down a dry river bed across from the community that
connects to Lytle Creek an infamous hot spot for sightings.
The eyewitness stated, " I remember hearing this loud howling screams, screeching and growling all at the same time in the night
around 2 am about twice a month. My Grandfather who lived with me at the time said he heard them as well. He mentioned that
in his home country the creature is known as 'The Screamer' he said it sounded just like that."

"It seemed the calls were coming from across a main road in a dry river bed that lead directly into Lytle Creek. Not until about a
two years ago did I ever hear calls of that sort again, on TV during research show of Bigfoot. When I heard them on TV it gave
me goosebumps and chills. I now believe that was the noises I was hearing."

For a while the creature seemed content with making a lot of noise and sticking to the dry river bed. Then one night it got up the
courage to venture into the neighborhood.

The source continues, "Around the time that I was living in that neighborhood (Las Colinas) one night my older brother called
my cell phone asking where my Louisville Slugger was. I asked why and he said because he was in the bathroom on the 2nd
floor and looked out the window and saw a tall, hairy creature looking up at him. According to him it was on the side of the
house behind the hedges that separated our house from our neighbors. The hedge was approximately 9 ft tall."

"He said the creature was standing and its head was clear over the hedge. When the creature, I think was some sort of BigFoot,
noticed my brother George looking back at him it ducked its head. According to George the creature was a grayish tan color,
hairy and tall. Covered with hair and a human like face. He was genuinely freaked out . He was never one to be into or believed
in Bigfoot type things but when I got home he was sure of what he saw and it scared him very much."

Has the "Speedway Monster" returned to it's old hunting grounds near the spot where the old Mickey Thompson's Fontana
International Dragway once stood? According to the eyewitnesses the answer is yes.

It would be hard to believe that a creature like Bigfoot would be brave enough to venture from the safety of the nearby
mountains into an area that is now a rather dense suburban area. Granted the area of the sightings, Las Colinas, is somewhat
more remote than other housing tracts in the general area with a still large undeveloped area adjacent to it.

There is of course the matter of the dry river bed that connects directly to Lytle Creek further in the San Bernardino Mountain
range. This area has been a virtual hot spot for Bigfoot sightings for over a hundred years, so if the creature does indeed live just
outside the vast metropolitan area of Los Angeles this would in all likelihood be it's home turf.

For now this is all just conjecture but if these reports are to be taken seriously than one of the world's greatest mysteries may
show up on the doorstep of some unsuspecting urbanite.